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Tech Changes is a London based consultancy that works with people who implement SharePoint in organisations, to make sure their staff engage with it fully. This is not a technical consultancy. It’s focused on how people engage with technology – our expertise is around training, communications, governance, coaching etc. 

These areas are too often overlooked in new SharePoint implementations, which are often owned by IT and treated as nothing more than a technical deployment.

But SharePoint is so much more than its technology.

And not taking your people’s needs and opinions into account when launching it can make them unproductive, inefficient, and unhappy. And unfortunately, that happens quite a lot with SharePoint….

The good news is that good Training, Communications, and clear Governance can go a long way to making any SharePoint implementation successful. So those are the areas we focus on.

To find out a bit more, have a look at the About page, or leap straight over to the Services page to see how we might work together.